Friday, April 13, 2012

The Flood Gates Have Opened...

Chiangmai has opened its floodgates for another huge Songkran (Thai New Year) celebration.

Beginning 'officially' today, there were already people gathering along the streets with buckets in hand and flinging water as early as yesterday afternoon.

You may remember my posts about this from last year and the year before.

But Songkran is not the only reason we've been getting wet this week. We are so happy to report that it's actually been raining! Whowhoo!

If you're not sure why I sound so excited about this, check out our posts about our desperate need for some rain to clear away the high levels of pollution in the air here as a result of the burning off season.

And thirdly, the flood gates were literally opened as we waved a very teary goodbye to my parents who have been here with us since the end of March.

It has been such a lovely couple of weeks. (Does that explain my absence here? Sorry!)

We do feel really blessed that we've had this time to visit special places and share this precious time but when the final moment came to bid farewell, so too did a flood of another kind caused by having to say goodbye {again}.

I've realized that we all cope with goodbyes differently.

For Eliana and I, crying hysterically whilst walking through the airport with no concern for who even stares at us helps us get it all out in the open ... Spencer thoughtfully summed it up in the car on the way home from the airport well by saying, "Now our family is back to just 5" and Tobi at bed time whispered to me softly, "Mum, I know you really miss your mum and dad. It's hard to always say goodbye... but I'm glad I still have you".

And the good news... the next thing to look forward to and begin counting down the days...

It's only 70 days until we're back in Australia! Yippeee!

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Please stay tuned for some more posts really soon {promise} as I begin to catch up after the past couple of weeks.  

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