Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Wet Start to Songkran

Do you remember last year when I described to you what the Songkran water festival (Thai New Year) was all about?  If not, check out the archives and see the unbelievable photos taken from the front seat of our car.
Well today is the first “official” day of the Songkran festival 2011 and, here in Chiangmai, were got off to a VERY wet start... but not the sort we were expecting!
Let me explain.  After a few really loud claps of thunder this morning, the kids and I witnessed one of the biggest storms we’ve ever seen here in Thailand.  With the mood becoming a little uncertain with each shuddering roar from the sky, all four of us snuggled on the couch (still in pajamas) to watch a DVD.  
Well after the thunder and lightening had finished and just the heavy rain remained, the kids ventured in to their toy area only to discover a Songkran surprise they hadn’t been expecting- the area had flooded!
We set to work, moving everything that had been soaked, throwing out some of their art work that had been ruined and mopping up the pools of water on the ground.

Thankfully there was minimal damage and most of the items were able to be dried out.
Despite this extra wet start to the Thai New Year, the spirit of Songkran did not seem to be dampened (LOL) as we experienced the water throwing in full swing tonight when we ducked out to get some sticky rice and chicken off the side of the road for dinner!!
Step 1: Line up your target. 

Step 2: Launch!

Step 3: Mission accomplished. 

Step 4: Satisfaction!  Refill...

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