Friday, April 15, 2011

More Than Enough

Do you ever look around at the mess under the table, the pile of dirty dishes in the sink or the clothes on the line and wonder what you possibly have to offer, or how much more you could realistically ‘give’ in your day?

Maybe it’s not the mess of living in a bustling family but the piles of books to read, the list of assignments to write and the looming exams to study for…
It could be the pressure of work, the pull of time, the hours of travel, the exhausting nights in unfamiliar hotel rooms and the waiting in airports that leaves you feeling like there’s just nothing else left to bring.
As I waited in the car for Dave to buy our dinner from a street vendor the other night, I took this photo and it reminded me of a story that started out with a little boy who also had two fish and it goes a little something like this:
On a morning not unlike any other, a young man climbed out of his bed with dreams of seeing “magic” performed by an amazing Jewish miracle worker. Rumors had flown all over his small village that Jesus might be the long-awaited Messiah and the boy just had to see for himself. 
Imagine his mother searching the cupboard for just the right lunch to satisfy a gnawing hunger she knew her boy would feel - five barley loaves and two small fishes wrapped lovingly in a cloth bag and tucked away under a loose fitting tunic, "Enough for my boy and maybe a little to share with a friend," she thought.
Little did she, or her boy, imagine that this little morsel in the Master's hands was enough to feed a hungry throng of more than 5,000 individuals.
That day, Jesus touched that small offering, blessed it and broke it into five thousand lunches. He -- who made natural law -- proved to all by that act that He was the Master of the physical world.   With the precious token of bread in His hand, He illustrated to all mankind, throughout all the ages, that He alone is more than enough.   He alone, who created life, is also the sustenance of life.            (Paraphrased from Daily Devotional).
So, what can I offer when it feels like there’s just not enough?   
It may not count for much in this world, but I know that God sees beyond the physical. He knows the big picture, and he can take our small offerings, bless them, and use them to touch a hurting world beyond all that we could ask or imagine. 
He is looking for our willingness to release what we have in our hands into his.  What if that small thing, clutched so closely, could actually be used for something amazing?  Let God demonstrate to you this week that he is more than enough!
Side note:
We love getting your emails and hearing what’s been happening in your lives.  Often your words are sent at the very moment that we needed some extra encouragement or a “pick-me-up”.  If you have a moment, why not drop us a quick email letting us know how you’re going or sharing something that we can join with you in praying for?  We know so many of you are making a huge difference in the lives of those around you and we would love to hear about how you’re being used to bless others and impact our world one life at a time.
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