Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crying Shoes. What next?

So with all the kids in bed, I'm sitting here wondering what to do on this feeling-kind-of-lazy Sunday night.
I can see how having a television might come in handy on a night like this.  
But after much deliberation, I have decided to write a post!
It's been a good few days.  I had a wonderful Thai lesson on Thursday where my teacher shared her testimony with me for the first hour and 20 minutes and I just listened.  I love it when she diverts from the text book.
On Friday, the staff and volunteers at ZOE had a "fun day" outing where we met at Sticky Falls and played games, relaxed and climbed the lime stone waterfall.  Dave and I both felt like it was such a refreshing time and everyone enjoyed a few laughs, great food and team bonding.
Yumi and I relaxed and deep in conversation.
Group photo!
Saturday morning had me up bright and early.  
Cissy, Kaylee and I headed off at 6.30am to participate in the annual Run for Relief 5km fun run/walk.  It was a wonderful morning and I was kind of disappointed to see the finish line as I was enjoying the walk+talk so much.  Kaylee and I did muster up a last-minute surge of energy though and ran the final 100m in fits of laughter to the crowd of people who'd already finished, cheering us on.

It was such a fun morning and so great to know that all the funds raised will go to help the Internally Displaced People (IDP's) of Burma.

I have been enjoying the opportunities that I have had to be able to do more at ZOE this year. My dear friend Jessica has been here in Thailand for 5 years now and I had the privilege of interviewing her and writing a post about her experiences here for the ZOE blog.  I'm hoping you'll zip across and check it out!
For those of faith, we'd appreciate your prayers right now for the state of our air here.  At church this morning they were handing out face masks as the quality continues to worsen each day due to burning off season being in full swing.  I also received an email from Spencer and Eliana's preschool tonight saying that, until the air improves, all outdoor play will be very limited.  The weather is expected to sit at 37 degrees all this week and the haze in the sky today was very concerning.  You might recall the sicknesses that Spencer has had in the past involving his lungs and breathing; we do not wish for this to occur again.  At the moment, praise God, we are all well and have managed to avoid the last few stomach flus and colds that went around.   
We'd also like you to pray for wisdom and sensitivity for us.  We have several families that we know over here that are undergoing serious challenges right now and we want to be able to offer support and assistance to them in whatever shape or form that looks like.  
And while we're here talking about prayer requests, we always covert your prayers regarding learning to speak Thai.  
I actually need prayer for the faith (even the size of a tiny little mustard seed) to believe that I will ever "get this" language.  
David continues to make progress and is applying what he knows at any given opportunity.  He enjoyed a trip to a couple of villages last weekend and the chance to meet and converse with the locals.  
He was able to share his heart and faith (using an interpreter) with these lovely welcoming villagers who had invited the small group from ZOE and CHF (Children's Hunger Fund) in to their homes.

He did feel a bit embarrassed at one point though when the driver (who he knows reasonably well... thankfully!!) pulled him aside and quietly corrected him on something he'd said.  
During a conversation, that he'd been casually having with some of the ZOE staff earlier, he thought he was saying one thing but he'd actually been repeating something completely different... and unmentionable... poor Dave!  It was even worse than the week before when he'd told someone that he was crying shoes out his eyes!     

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