Friday, February 17, 2012

Feeling Thirsty?

Thinking about stopping in at 7-ELEVEN on the way home to grab a snack or a Coke?
Check out this post I wrote for the ZOE Children's Home blog.
It's all about how a 7-ELEVEN store can remind us about child trafficking and speaking up for those little ones who cannot fight for themselves.
If you’ve been touched by the work going on at ZOE or if you’ve seen or read or heard or experienced something that affected you, then go on and share THIS one with others.
Will you?
You have the potential to share what ZOE is doing with an audience that we cannot reach – your friends, family, work colleagues, sports team, mothers’ group, church, school and neighborhood.
You can create awareness about the atrocities of human trafficking, child trafficking and modern day slavery.
You can address these issues through your Facebook page, your blog, your local newspapers or any other link to mass media that you have.
Go on!  

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