Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Two Years, Two Weeks and Three Days

Whoops.  We realized the other day that we'd missed our two year anniversary of being here in Thailand.  Not on purpose, just because... well, you know how it is.  
But before the month ends {I still have a few hours left} I'm going to take a minute to reflect on the past two years and look back on the some of the highs and the lows.
Like week 1 before we even had a car, when Spencer had curly hair and when everything was still new and exciting.
Or what about The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?  
Do you remember the fright I got when trying to roast my first chicken?
And what about getting used to the traffic conditions and the differences in parking and loading cars or just feeling... plain... old home-sick and wanting to jump on a plane and run into the arms of family.
Yep, it's certainly has been quite a journey.  
Oh and that's not even scratching the surface... what about learning Thai?  Now there's an area that we're still trying to master.  
So, just like on our one year anniversary, I thought I'd include some "then and now" shots to see how much we've grown!

THEN                   NOW

Thank you for journeying alongside us over the past 2 years. By visiting this blog, writing emails and sharing your comments, we feel like we get a glimpse in to your life also.  If you’re visiting here for the first time, we hope that our journey can bring you a few laughs as well as some encouragement. 
God bless,


suzy said...

Two years! It has gone so fast. You and Dave look exactly the same. You don't age!
Your children are so beautiful.
Every time I roast a chicken I think of you.

Cross Family said...

Oh Toni, you're so sweet. I'm not sure if I've even roasted another chicken since then LOL! x

Sandra Roggeveen said...

You have obeyed and gone before us so that others have been inspired and followed the path. God Willing we will see you in September. Loads of Love S xxx

Cross Family said...

Sandra, I was just thinking about Sept too. Hope we'll get to see you then x

Mrs M said...

Gosh your kiddies have grown up sooo much. Still as gorgeous as ever.

Cross Family said...

Thanks for stopping by Mandy. I was just reading your blog the other night, I'd missed a few. How's the challenge going? I'm very impressed and feeling challenged in that area too although maybe not quite so motivated:(