Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What say you?

I am taking a quick break from my Thai homework which I am {surprisingly} feeling motivated to do today.  Nonetheless, it is lunch time and even the most motivated {ahem} of people must stop to eat!!
So, speaking of lunch, I have a new favorite.  I have to give the credit to Dave who pointed it out in a random stranger's bowl at a little Thai food place a few months ago and then said {in Thai of course} that he wanted the same.  Since that moment, he has been on a quest to figure out what this dish's name is.  Actually he's partly figured it out, minus the word for wontons!!  
Then on the weekend, when he stopped past a local market to find food, low and behold, there was a little place which had a picture of it.  So he just pointed to it and bought a few servings, one of which I have just enjoyed for lunch!  Thanks Dave!

The language here is such a challenge for us... I know {right}, how can it be two years here and it still feel like this?
My Thai teacher was telling me a story yesterday, as we were studying one of my vocabulary lists, about one of her other students who has really curly hair.  So this student went to the hairdressers and asked for a haircut and blow-dry {because she wanted her hair temporarily dried straight} only to have the hairdresser permanently straighten it with chemicals.  'How could this happen?' you may be thinking.  Well, the words for haircut are "dat phom" and the words for getting a perm (or permanent straightening) are "dtat phom" and to most people's ears, these two sound almost exactly the same!
We come across these little issues all the time including saying the right word with the wrong tone.  Completely different words can be made just be altering the tone of the word... ahhhh, it's so frustrating, difficult and hilariously funny all at once.  
I usually don't look forward to the thought of my Thai lessons however once I arrive, it's never long before I am in fits of laughter {at my mistakes} when my teacher tells me what I am actually saying.
Okay, well, break's over.  I've never going to get any better if I don't keep at it.
I hope you're having a great week.
Andie :)

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