Monday, January 2, 2012

A Heart-warming Story

I recently wrote a post for the ZOE Children's Home blog that I found so inspiring that I wanted to share it here too.
As a parent, it gives me great pleasure when my children display compassion, serve others, or go the extra mile without me having to ask or prompt them.
I also love it when I see other kids who genuinely care for others and show it in spontaneous ways, without seeking a reward for themselves.
This true story, about one of the missionary boys here at ZOE, really warmed my heart. I think because as mums and dads, it is testimonies like these that inspire us in our job as parents, encourage us to continue working hard, praying faithfully and guiding our children to become responsible adults. Stories like this give us confidence and reassurance even when our children are going through difficult stages in their journeys, there is hope.
Let me introduce you to Noah. Noah is a normal 6th grader who enjoys hanging out with his friends and playing with Lego.
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Noah with his dad, Joe

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