Thursday, January 26, 2012

January Update

Yikes!  I'm sorry.... it's been, what? Two weeks since I've blogged.  
Okay so where did January go?
It's been a fun month, with lots happening.  Here's just a few highlights from the land of smiles.
Children's Day: On the second Saturday of January the Thai people celebrate Children's Day by taking their children out to have fun. There are special events happening all over the place and some even let children in for half price or free on this day.  We hit a local restaurant for "brunch" and enjoyed the peacefulness of the tranquil gardens surrounding us.
Athletics: Tobi's school had their annual track and field day a couple of weeks ago.  Despite being dressed in clothes that I would normally not run in, Tobi's pleading face for me to join him in the parent-child relay had me kicking off my shoes, hitching up my skirt and doing my part for his team.  Here's a few photos from his circular relay race.

Loose Tooth: January has also seen a "first" in our family.  Tobi lost his first tooth after just a week or so of it wobbling.  
Eating a cracker in the car one weekend he surprisingly declared, "My tooth just fell out" which sparked a lot of cheering and congratulations from the rest of us.
Good Times:  I mentioned that Graeme Smith had been here with an Australian team in my last post, Scary Teenagers, but we also got to hang out with him after the team left and a few other Aussies.  We had such a great afternoon chilling at a playground that had been totally created by the team on what was previously a vacant block of land.  The kids all had fun testing out all the new equipment and playing tag while us adults lazed in shade the bamboo hut looking on.   
Teepee: I had fun a few weeks ago making a teepee for our kid's toy area.  It had been the "home" in many games and a favorite reading spot. Decked with old cushions, it makes the perfect little hide-out

(made with four shower rods and 2 shower curtains).

Face painting: Eliana and Spencer are still very much enjoying their preschool program.  Every day they come home laden with the most amazing and original arts and crafts.  They have made some wonderful friends and the teaching staff are just outstanding.  One day Spencer and I had both been unwell so Dave picked up Eli and she came home looking very pleased with her beautifully painted face! 
So how's your January been?  Drop us a line.  
We hope you're well!

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