Friday, December 30, 2011


We all do it.  And it can save you time when managed properly.
Today though, I discovered a not-so-good combination of tasks to do at the one time when I decided to take photos whilst riding a push bike with Spencer balanced in a cane basket that was attached to the back of my bike...
Let's just say we were all very thankful that, despite me losing control of the bike and nearly crashing into a tree, we came off rather well with just some minor scratches, a few ants crawling on us and a bit of a fright!
What was I thinking?  Honestly, I don't know!

Anyway... in conjunction with the two days off I mentioned that Dave just had, an anonymous donor gave all the missionary kids some extra spending money this Christmas.  Our kids have had fun deciding how to allocate their funds between using it to bless others, saving some and planning the past two days of fun-filled adventure. (in light of it just being Christmas, we all agreed that it would be fun to spend some of the money on a family day).

Today was especially exciting as we headed off this morning to a special place called Horizon where you can ride your bikes around manicured gardens, feeding animals along the way, visiting man-made waterfalls and getting lost amongst the vast playground and garden mazes.

All our children fell asleep on the way home, so Dave and I also had some time to chill out before heading out to the new Giraffe Restaurant near our house for dinner, where our table was positioned to view the zebras and giraffes.  This was followed by a night-time pony ride and water/sound/light show.  I feel overwhelmed with gratitude. What a fantastic time we had today as a family.

As we head into the New Year, I am making a commitment that from now on, when I plan on multi-tasking, it will strictly be things like cuddling my children, laughing together and gazing happily around at each member of my precious family at the same time.  My multitasking will be appreciating them, loving them and getting to know them more each day.

Here are some photos from our fun day!

What about you?  What are you planning for the New Year? Any resolutions? Drop us a line and leave a comment below.

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