Saturday, December 17, 2011

Between Two Worlds

I'm thinking of the new mother who transitions from working long hours in the corporate world, to now finding herself changing nappies and wiping drool from the couch wondering, "Who am I now?"

The teenager whose parents see what he can be and yet when surrounded by his peers he loses his way, drawn in by the pressures to conform to that which is deemed 'acceptable'.

The expat who is overwhelmed with conflicting emotions- a passion for the foreign, exotic, unfamiliar and a wistful longing for home.

There are many instances in life where, for whatever reason, people find themselves caught up between two places, and not really fitting in to either of them.

Imagine for a moment the child who has not yet been rescued from a begging ring, a brothel or a life only knowing abandonment. Life as a victim of injustice, a recipient of treatment unimaginable and undeserving to anyone.  Where their life is not even their own because they were bought and their right to 'live' in freedom has been taken away.

Now turn your thoughts over to a newly rescued child. Imagine, just imagine, the feelings associated with finally being found... rescued and taken to a safe place.  What would it feel like to experience protection and LOVE, real... unconditional love... for the very first time?
Our traditions and our family rituals are a part of us, but this Christmas, would you say a prayer for our newly rescued children?  For their first Christmas experiencing peace, joy and freedom.
Let's celebrate these precious young lives ... rescued... renewed and now safe.  
No longer caught between two worlds but finally HOME.


Crazycod said...

Thanks Andie. I love that post. All those kids both rescued and yet to be rescued will be in our prayers as will you and the family. You guys are doing an amazing job. We love you all
Merry Christmas
Nick, Joan, Oscar, Micah and Linus

Cross Family said...

Thanks Nick and Joan. Merry Christmas to you guys and the boys too. x x