Saturday, October 1, 2011

This recipe is SOW good!

Have you ever received a chain letter?  I did many times as a teenager.  Then several years later, I started to receive chain 'emails'.   One such chain email I got back in 2007 was a recipe exchange where you had to send a recipe to the person whose name was first on a list and then forward something else on to twenty friends and then in the end (if everyone participated) you should receive 36 new recipes in your inbox.+
Well usually I don't get involved in these sorts of things but for some reason, for this one, I did send an email with a recipe and then forwarded the other part on etc etc.
Wanna know how many recipes I got back? Two!  One was a recipe for a steak and mushroom casserole and the other one was entitled 'Recipe Fit For A King' which intrigued me a bit.
The email began... "You reap whatsoever you sow..."
And then these instructions followed:

First plant 5 rows of peas: 
Presence, Purity, Preparation, Prayer and Perseverance.
Next to these, plant 3 rows of Squash: 
Squash Gossip, Squash Criticism, Squash Indifference.
Then plant 5 rows of Lettuce: 
Let us be faithful . Let us be thoughtful and unselfish. Let us be true to our obligations. Let us have minds ready to learn. Let us love one another.
Sow in some peace . 
Take all the above ingredients and carefully fold them together allowing them to permeate into your life.

Well that wasn't what I was expecting to get but you know what, I think it was actually more useful than the casserole recipe and so I saved it... and I've thought about it many times over the past four years.
Now, as I reflect upon it again it reminds me of the amazing house parents that we have at ZOE.  
I often wonder how they work as a team to keep the likes of 60 children of various ages developing characteristics such as contentment, gratefulness, self control, obedience, trustworthiness, honesty... (and so on).
And as I thought about it... and googled it... I came across this.  A recipe for a happy home.

In a large bowl of love mix: 
2 cups of faith 
2 cups of patience 
1 cup sympathy (more if needed) 
Blend in: 
1 cup of forgiveness 
2 tsp. of kindness 
1/2 cup of courage

Pour into a heart of joy, sprinkle with harmony.  Top with a spread  of understanding, sweeten with respect and bake in an oven of trust.  Serve with a tender smile.

If you have some more food for thought...
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Gary Lewis said...

Hey Andrea, maybe its time we all did a bit more digging and planted some of this stuff. Our 'modern' seems content with 'no dig' gardens and fast food.
Maybe we could all share the ingredients and then we all benefit just like those 'community gardens'.
I agree with your thoughts about those wonderful Zoe parents - they are doing an outstanding job growing healthy kids recused from the compost of life.
Well done and keep up the good work yourself. Lot you heaps.
Dad xo

Cross Family said...

Thanks Dad. Loved it how you said, "Our 'modern' seems content with 'no dig' gardens and fast food". So true and yet so hard not to fall in to that trap. I still have a lot to learn from some 'simple' gardening! Love you Dad x