Saturday, October 8, 2011

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

The final arrival in the 'wave' of new missionaries to join ZOE Children's Homes lately- the Yu Family.
Welcome to David, Ester and their two boys Ian and Eli (fast asleep).
They've been busy getting phones, driver's licenses, bank accounts, finding housing, car shopping and purchasing lots of bits and pieces to set-up home here.  
Seeing each of the newcomers and hearing all their questions and funny stories reminds me of how much I must have acclimatized. 
It's a pleasure to spend time with the 'newbies' and hear their unique stories about how they ended up here.
I am looking forward to getting to know them all better as time goes on and seeing the impact that their sacrifices (leaving family, friends, paying job and the comfort of home) has as they help to fight and combat human trafficking.
Please keep these new families in your prayers and in particular, the missionary kids (we have nine new children and Ester is also expecting her third) who have a big adjustment with new foods, new environment, the language, weather conditions and schooling... on top of the upheaval of leaving their extended families and close friends.
You can read more about the missionary families that we work alongside here.
Have a great weekend, Andie:)

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