Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Is It With ME and Geckos?

I just met the newest member of the gecko family that shares our home.  It's a baby of the 'kitchen gecko' who lives in the cupboard above our sink.  
I'm hoping Mama Gecko has outlined the rules of conduct to her new baby otherwise there's no telling what might happen. 

1. Stay out of sight at all times and no one gets hurt.
2. When you get caught cooling down in the sink late at night or early morning, don't play dead- instead just scurry away and we'll forget it ever happened (don't linger, okay?).
3. Never get caught out under my foot in darkened rooms (please learn from the baby gecko killed in the bathroom and the (now) stumpy tailed one who really is very lucky to still be alive).
4. No playing in the drawers... see picture below. RIP
5. Eat as many mosquitoes as physically possible.

Obey these guidelines and everyone is happy! 

I was hanging out the wet clothes one day and felt ants
crawling up my leg only to notice I was standing on a
dead gecko skeleton.  

This little guy was squished between our plastic lid drawer
and garbage bags drawer :( 

The mother of the newest kitchen gecko.
Give me your best gecko (or any other mini-beast) story.  
C'mon, I really want to hear them!!!


Tammy said...

I can top that one for sure Friend! When lived in QLD, I too, had these little dudes everywhere. I kinda like them though. I like the dots on the end of their feet. I remember the noises that they make and I found it kind of peaceful... until... one day, while sitting out on the daybed on the back deck (you know the spot) one little fellow ran with gusto down the wall, across my outstretched arm, over my neck, and off the other side. Ewwwwwww.....had me cringing for hours lol! xx

Cross Family said...

Gross! That gives me shivers just reading it. Once a gecko used Eli's head to springboard off to somewhere else too, thankfully it happened so quickly she didn't get too traumatized! Thanks for sharing!