Friday, May 6, 2011

The New Boy

Tuesday and Thursday mornings David and I study Thai at a local language school.  It’s our time in the week to be students again and we nervously share our concerns about upcoming vocabulary tests, tones, sentence structure etc.
When we arrive at school, Dave goes to his classroom, I go to mine and sometimes…when our break-times align…we even get to chat briefly and giggle by the water fountain like two little school kids!
In my class is an Austrian girl named Anna who lives here in Chiangmai with her German boyfriend.  Up until recently we had been having a hoot in our class and learning Thai had actually become, well… FUN!
But then three weeks ago her sister came to visit her and she took a week off class to go to the beach and she never came back!  We just found out that she has since gone back to Austria and is not sure when she/if she will return.
Well after feeling kind-of sad because, honestly, I really liked having someone else in class with me, Khun Nita (who owns the school) announced that there would be a new boy in my class.  Turns out, it’s none other than Dave himself!! Hahahaha.
So, not there’s no more need for longing glances through the classroom windows or little catch-ups at the water fountain- we’re in class together!  I couldn’t be more excited that we’ve finally aligned in our language studying and we can actually practice the same vocabulary together for a while (at least until Dave returns to learning how to read and write anyway).  
Now if only I could take a course on speaking Thai boldly like Dave and I’d be all set! 

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