Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Pictured here are my mum and my grandma.  It’s days like today that I wish I could be in Australia to give them both a big hug and express to them how much I love them and how much they mean to me.
I feel so blessed that both these women are still alive and a part of my life, but days like today make me realise just how far away from them that I am.

I think, for me, Mother’s Day brought new meaning once I become a parent myself.  There’s something about having a personal experience of motherhood that helps you really appreciate the sweat, tears, patience and unconditional love that your own mother went through when she raised you to adulthood and beyond!

I reflect so fondly on the ZOE house mothers who have given up a large part of their lives to help raise children that are not ‘biologically’ theirs.  I remember last year attending the ZOE Mother’s Day service and being so moved as child after child stood and thanked these precious women who daily commit to filling the role of “mum” to them.

Some of the younger ZOE houseparents have not even started a family of their own yet and are already taking on a mothering role, whilst others have their biological children right along beside them and just add a few more kids to their existing family.  Others still, have older children and grandchildren of their own but now dedicate their time to being a mum all over again to the ones who need one right now. 
The parents at ZOE are just so amazing!

I don’t know your story, maybe your own mother has passed away making Mother's Day a time to remember her and reflect upon her life, maybe you’re like me and the physical distance between you means that it’s just not possible to see each other today ... or maybe you were cared for by someone who was not biologically your mother, but who filled that role in your life.

Whatever your story, I do hope and pray that you have someone in your life as special as a mother.  
I found this little poem that I’d like to share, but firstly I want to acknowledge, once again, my own mum... one of my dearest friends, a comfort, strength, confidant, supporter and cheerleader.  
I love you so much Mum, and Happy Mother's Day.
Andie x

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