Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Poor Eli! This photo shows her swollen lip.  She had an accident recently where she tripped on the stairs and cut her bottom lip open.  Some kids will do anything for an extra icy pole!! Ha ha. 
As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, ZOE has had many visitors lately.  At the end of last week we had another team from America arrive.  It’s so amazing that these groups give up their free time and want to come to help and serve.
I had the privilege of spending the day with the team yesterday as they went to minister in a village and at another children’s home.  It was a wonderful experience and so interesting to see another children’s home in action. 
Below are some more photos from the day.

David is still busy lifting, loading, driving and unpacking to make the move from our old children’s home to the new one possible.  It is a massive job!  
AND... in just 10 days our family will also be moving to a different house... should seem easy after moving ZOE.  We can only hope!

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Anonymous said...

You are always telling about your family and it has been the most exciting thing for me to read. There are so many exciting things that you have been doing form the very first time.