Monday, July 5, 2010

Back to Thailand....Back to ZOE.... Back to 35 degree heat..... It’s great to be home!

It’s hard to believe that we were in Australia for 4 weeks.  Getting back to ZOE today was an emotional experience!  As we drove up the driveway there stood two of the Thai staff.   Seeing us arrive a big smile spread across their faces.
Further along the driveway was my good friend Par Bowan.  ‘Good to see you P Dave’ he said.  He is a big strong man, with a heart to match.  I reached out the car window and we embraced.  This man has been so very kind to me.  ‘We have been praying for your family’ he said.  Tears began to form in Andrea and my eyes.  
What a blessing it is to be back at ZOE.  We have enjoyed working alongside the wonderful Thai staff so very much over the past 6 months.
It’s hard to think I could be this happy going to work!!!
It will take me a few days to get back into the rhythm.  I felt that before we left we had built up a great deal of momentum and we were really starting to assist in making some of the  improvements that ZOE needs so that we can grow to a children’s home with 500+ kids.
It also appears that my accent has strengthened from our time in Australia, so the American missionaries are once again having a hard time understanding me! But I will adapt my language over the coming days, so I can be understood.
The highlight of the day was when Andie brought the kids into ZOE tonight.  At 6pm tonight we did changeover at ZOE.  I clocked off and Andie clocked on! 
Andrea is out tonight hosting at a traditional Thai dinner with one of the short term teams that are in Thailand for the rest of the week.  The short term teams are great to ZOE.  They bring out supplies, clothing as well as an energy and enthusiasm that rubs off on everyone around them.  
So once I had the kids, we of course headed to the playground to play with the other kids.   The kids from ZOE were excited to see Tobi, Eli and Spencer.
Our kids come form very different background to some of the children at ZOE so it always warms my heart when I see all them all playing side by side. 
Kids have a way of making the complicated so very simple.
A swing is a swing.   A spinning wheel is a spinning wheel and a ball is a ball, no mater what your background!
Thanks to Ben Stickland for giving me this new little camera.
Here is a short clip of the fun we had today!

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