Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Asia's Hope

“ In 2005, Asia’s Hope expanded its services to Thailand, opening its first orphan home for hill tribe children in Doi Saket, just north of Chiang Mai. Today, Asia’s Hope operates 6 orphan homes in Thailand and 9 in Cambodia. The organization also runs a school in Cambodia and numerous micro-enterprise and vocational training programs in both countries.” 

Last night, I had the pleasure of visiting one of the Asia’s Hope children’s homes.
These children’s smiles MELTED my heart.  What a beautiful, loving group.  I always find it interesting visiting children’s homes/ orphanages but last night I was particularly touched.  The American short term missionary team were leading games, craft, stories and songs.  
The kids really enjoyed all the aspects of the program but in particular the huge game of ‘papers, scissors, rock’ that involved all ninety children!  This was just hysterical.  I tried to take photos but the movement made it hard to capture.  The night finished with goodie bags being handed out to everyone.  I know all children get excited when they’re given treats but these kids almost lifted off the roof with their shouts of delight as the team brought the bags in ... what a lovely way to spend a Monday night.

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