Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Away in a Manger

Okay, what I am about to say is totally biased and unnecessary but I'm gonna say it anyway...
So, I was in a bit of a flurry from the 8am Christmas concert at Tobi's school.  I raced back home, prepared plates of food and teacher gifts, took an overseas phone call, quickly made sure I had everything I needed and raced off to the next event.
It was only when I hastily plopped down in my seat to watch the preschool Christmas play, that I was totally caught off guard when Spencer came on the stage to play... Joseph!
And this is the bit I shouldn't say, but I will anyway (coz I was one proud mama)... 
Oh how my heart melted for him all over again.  
And he did such a great job.
But my thanks and admiration goes out to his preschool teachers for encouraging him to just be who he is... to dance uninhibited... to sing loudly... to laugh... to feel the rhythm... to tap the beat... to just be all that he was meant to be.  
What a wonderful gift, at this time, to remember all over again what a blessing it is to have teachers who take the time to nurture each individual in their care.  (If they ever read this- you know who you are!!)  
After the nativity play was over, Spencer's teacher led us all in a few verses of Away in a Manger.  As us parents belted out the all-too-familiar words, I felt challenged to be also thinking about other people experiencing being "away" and "without".
Those who are away from home this Christmas.  
Away from or without a loving family.  
Away from or without safety and protection.   
Or who have chosen to walk away from the God who loved them so much that He sent His one and only son to this world.

You see when I sing 'Away in a Manger' it's not just some ol' soothing carol or lullaby.  
It's a song about when Jesus, the Saviour of the world, was born. He came as a baby, then grew to be a man that gave His life for you and me, so we could live with Him forever when we die. 
It's a song about the greatest gift EVER that's waiting to be received.
I celebrate Jesus birth because of my faith in Him.  His birth was the beginning of a life-changing event - the cross. 
Could we find it in our hearts to stretch out our hands to those around us that might be lonely, unwanted, unloved and away this Christmas? 
To share with them about this amazing, free gift and to show them, practically, what Christmas is really all about?



david said...

I have just being doing some research on the internet and have seen the stats how many children just in Africa alone either don't have a parent due to circumstances. I am building a missions site for a friend in <a href="www.adopt-a-mission.org/South Africa missions</a> and am totally shocked.

Cross Family said...

Thanks for stopping by and reading this post David. I, know it saddens me too. Thanks also for your work to create a site drawing attention to this massive need.

Mrs M said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Andrea.

Cross Family said...

Thanks Mandy. And a big Merry Christmas to you too. I saw some photos of your kids on FB and they've grown up so much... I guess that's what happens!! They're just gorgeous! x