Monday, November 7, 2011

Aria Studios

Do you know how the crew from Aria Studios in Hawaii would describe themselves?  
filmmakers. photographers. writers. artists. dreamers. dancers. risk-takers. ridiculous. curious. cool. sappy. happy. stylish. hungry. addicted to dessert {huh?}

Actually, that last part doesn't surprise me seeing as though Christine, the team's chief photographer, just couldn't get enough mango and sticky rice on her final day here in Chiangmai and says of herself that her perfect meal is dessert!

But that's not the only sweet thing about these guys, oh no, they are simply some of the sweetest people you could ever meet too.
Christine and Kash

Focused on wedding cinematography and still photography, as their main income stream, the owners of Aria Studios (Kolby and Jay) really have a passion to use the gifts and talents they have to help children who are at risk or in abject poverty.  They understand that the use of digital media can be a powerful storytelling medium and so it is their aim to give a voice to those who don't have one.
You can check out their blog for more information and examples of their recent projects.

You can imagine we were all pretty excited at the prospect of their visit out here to the ZOE Children's Home, especially Dave who would be hanging out with them the whole time and coordinating the filming in and around the children's home.  It was a big task to ensure that approximately 100 people were positioned and prepped ready for shooting and making sure that everyone knew just exactly what to do.
I've had a sneak peak at the footage and it is just beautiful!  I can't wait for it to be finished.
Setting up some shots. 
Trying to set up a BIG family photo.

While they were here, we also managed to get some beautiful stills taken of the ZOE children, some of which will be used for the Guardian Alliance sponsorship program updates amongst other things and a big ZOE family photo too of all the houseparents and children together.

Christine even fitted in a little photo shoot just for our missionaries too- which was just ace. Our family found a cute, little, old Thai man who usually rides tourists around on his rickshaw through the city but was happy to have his rickshaw featured in our family photo! Hahaha.

And so on behalf of everyone here at ZOE, we want to say a huge THANK YOU Aria Studios.  We can't wait to see the finished product(s) of all your hard work.
You guys are sweet!

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