Sunday, June 5, 2011

On Our Way To Becoming Locals

Okay so we established back in the Odd One Out blog post that our family is never going to blend in based on our physical appearances however there are a few signs that indicate to us that our kids are becoming more like the locals day by day.  Especially Spencer, (who has now lived more of his life in Thailand than he did in Australia) really has become accustomed to this way of life.  

Let me explain by running through this list: 

Signs To Indicate that Your Child Is Settling in To Thai Culture.

~ When given a choice between using a western toilet and a squatty potty, your child prefers the squatty!

~ When asked what they want from the menu at a local restaurant, your child listens to the options, (pancakes, hotdogs, fries etc) and chooses rice soup!

~ When discussing their favourite fruits with a friend, your child stops to ask you what the name is in English because they only know it in Thai.

~ When faced with a choice between Vegemite toast and muu ping (pork skewers and sticky rice) for breakfast, they would choose the latter EVERY time.

~ When putting socks on your child causes wild excitement (because they can’t remember the last time they wore socks).

~ When you are horrified to discover that your child hasn’t been wearing a seat belt for the entire trip and they can’t understand why that’s such a big issue!

~ When they point to the picture book asking “What’s that?” at a platypus but seeing an elephant walking down the main road is no biggy!

Well, they are just a few examples, but it has left us wondering whether we need to pack some sachets of Spencer’s favourite rice soup with us for the trip back to Australia!  And funnily enough, our kids are really looking forward to being cold and getting to wear a jumper!  Go figure.

Have a great week,
Andie :) 

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