Tuesday, February 1, 2011


since i blogged?

Okay, sorry about that.  I ... was ... just ... ummmm ... giving you a chance to catch up!!!

No, that’s not entirely true.

Honestly, it’s been a busy (and GREAT) week.

Firstly, it’s wonderful to feel well again!  Oh so well.  And, I’m loving it!

This week at ZOE we have been hosting a team from Rockford First Church in the USA.

WOW!  They have been fun.  

This team of 10 girls (... well women really) had me in stitches.

They had such a sense of humor, adventure and ‘spirit’ that it was just a delight to be around them.

You know, God blesses us in so many different ways.  We are testament to His continual provision for our family’s needs here in Thailand.

This team came and blessed me, personally, with a big dose of laughter.  Usually this kind of laughter is shared with just your close girlfriends, or your sister... you know the kind. 

The kind, I sometimes ... often ... really miss.

So thank you Rockford!  I know you came for so much more ... but you BLESSED my socks off!

I hope we meet again x

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