Sunday, October 24, 2010


Thank you so much for all the messages and emails that you sent us in regards to Spencer being unwell.  I am pleased to report that he is doing MUCH better now.  

What a difference the right diagnosis makes!!

We now just have to keep him away from other children for another week or so to allow his immune system to fully recover otherwise he is highly likely to pick up something else straight away.  So no nursery classes for him, at least this week, and we’ll re-evaluate the week after.

We had planned a casual birthday celebration for Spencer yesterday (as he turns two this week) but we ended up deciding to cancel.  We were going to the Night Safari which is one of  our favourite places over here.  

SO what do you do when you can’t get to the Night Safari? 

You bring the Night Safari to you!!  

After putting the children to bed on Friday night, Dave and I snuck around the house collecting props and decorating the kid’s play area like our own little safari.  I had baked a cake and made it in to an lion and put together a little treat bag for each of our kids.

I was so excited I could hardly sleep!

And... what did Spencer have to say about all this?  WOW!

          ... new toys.

So after dressing up, playing with his new toy dog and truck and eating lots of 
lion cake there was only one thing left to do....


We had a lovely morning with just “us five” at home and made some wonderful memories celebrating two years of having Spencer in our family.

Spencer, we love you so much and we’re wrapped that you’re almost all better.  We can’t imagine our family without your sense of fun, laughter, cheekiness and zest for life.


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