Friday, October 15, 2010

BOOT CAMP... Fun Day at ZOE

Drill sergeant Dave (with his freshly shaved head) and acting sergeant Jess, all dressed in their costumes for the fun day at ZOE.

Prior to next weeks SPY CAMP, we decided to run a fun, one-day training camp so that the secret agents could get their ‘accreditation’ ....BOOT  CAMP!

Today I was the drill sergeant whose job it was to test the new recruits to see if they had what it takes to become a secret agent.

We got the recruits to dress up in some camouflage gear and face paint, then do some activities, plus an ‘amazing race’ style game and then we all headed to the gauntlet -a special test of endurance that we created for today.

The kids had an absolute blast.
The pure joy they had on their faces today was absolutely priceless!

They now have their accreditation and are ready to be secret agents of Monday!

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