Monday, January 25, 2010

Random Events... of the past few days.

I just thought I’d post some photos with a brief description of what’s been going on.  The photo below is of Spencer and I in the back of a songthaew on the way to the day markets.  Spencer loves trying to put his head and arms out the open window... WHERE are those car seats we shipped? Ha ha.

These little creatures are commonly seen lurking about our doorways! Ewwwww! 

Notice how narrow this foot path is?  
Needless to say, we didn’t see many other strollers around these parts.

A very generous, lovely person gave me some spending money to go to the baking shop and purchase cooking supplies.  What a treat!! Jess took me today and this is what I got... yay!

This is Jess and I busy baking cookies.  Jess make choc chip and I made Anzac biscuits (for Australia Day).  This was Jess’ first baking experience in Thailand (she’s been here for 3 years). I’m so proud of her!!! And the cookies were delicious.

Today I stepped outside to find Dave and the kids running under the sprinkler. It took us a few minutes to realise this was something they’d never done in Australia due to the water restrictions. Well there’s no restrictions here and the kids (and Dave) had a marvellous time getting soaked.

We’ll be thinking of you all tomorrow on the 26th and celebrating over here too ... Happy Australia Day.

Andie :) 

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