Sunday, January 24, 2010


Construction workers at ZOE

Today I got the privilege of going with Mike (founder) to see the progress of the new ZOE Children’s Home in Doi Saket.  It’s a fifty minute drive from where we currently live, but it was well worth it!


The first 3 structures are well underway.  The home is well designed so that the house parents live in very close proximity to the children they look after. 
June 2009

June 2009

I felt quite emotional as I reflected back to standing on that same land just over 6 months ago when we first visited ZOE.  It was amazing to walk through the new children’s home now and think about how many lives are going to be positively impacted by the work of this group.  We feel so privileged to be a part of this.
At the new land, Mike and I met up with a group visiting ZOE from the Children’s Hunger Fund (CHF).  This US based group have been instrumental in assisting ZOE with the purchase of food for the children ZOE look after.  
Recently ZOE has been able to purchase some bulk rice with the funding this group has provided.  It has given us the opportunity to purchase directly from some of the farmers and then outsource the processing of the rice.  It has meant ZOE have been able to make the funding go further. Ahh the more rice the better I say!
After seeing all the bricks and mortar of the new facility, it was a great to then go to the current Children’s Home tonight and see the beautiful faces of all the children.  
As we had the guests from the CHF at the home tonight, the children did a couple of songs at the church service that were just phenomenal.  
Tobi and Eli were exceptional at the service too, they are usually out in kid’s church (as would the ZOE kids be) however all the children were in for the full service at ZOE tonight.  Tobi and Eli sang and danced to the songs (even though they did not know them -and most were in Thai) and seemed to settle in well the unfamiliar surroundings.  Andie and I are so proud of them.

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