Monday, August 6, 2012

From Meat Pies to Mu Ping

Our final day in Australia wasn't just filled with packing suitcases, let's be honest... it was mostly about the food!  
Dave's mum (who we'd been staying with for the last three weeks) made sure that every last morsel of Australian tucker was enjoyed from the meat pies and steaks at lunchtime to the roast meat and veggies at dinner.  The last bowls of home-made custard and pudding were licked clean so that as we walked through the doors at the airport, after bidding teary farewells, there was a sweetness to our sadness that only comes from the love and care that family can provide.
To both sets of our parents, we want to publicly acknowledge and thank you for your unconditional love.  You amaze us!  We love you heaps.
Well, we made it home.  
I expressed the reverse culture shock we had on arriving in Australia and it seemed that our return to Thailand had us all experiencing more adjustments as we faced both the excitement of being back mixed with the reality that it could be a very long time before we see some of our favourite people once again.
So what's the first thing one does when returning back to Thailand you may well be wondering?... interestingly it's {once again} mainly got to do with food!
We go and get mu ping- that's what!! (pork skewers and sticky rice)

Breakfast in the park.
And I need to admit, despite having been home just three full days, we've eaten mu ping EVERY day!  Yep!  
So I am happy to report that we are all healthy and well (and well fed too).

We are settling back in nicely and we are looking forward to seeing how God will use our family over the coming months to reach out and care for those around us.
Thank you for your love and support.  For your prayers and your encouragement, we are so very grateful.
Please stay in touch.  We love hearing your news.
A mix of cultures and a new tasty favourite: Vegemite + Sticky rice, invented by Tobi!

Yummy longans for dessert tonight. Mmmmmm.

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Anonymous said...

P' Andi and Family-
Hope you had the best time in Australia and are adjusting smooth back to Thailand (moo ping!). I saw a picture of Tobi on the GIS fb page, and my heart leaped in missing you guys! God bless you all much! Say 'hi' to the kiddies for me!

Cross Family said...

Thanks Lauren and I will say hi. We look forward to your next visit- do you know when that will be? Hope the start of your new college year goes smoothly. Many blessings. We'll be sure to eat some moo ping, mango and sticky rice and all the other yummy Thai food for you till you're back.
Love Andie x