Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our Actions Count... Part 2

~Steering Boys to Manhood~

At the moment I am posting something close to my heart.  It’s a four-part series entitled ‘Our Actions Count’.  It’s for parents, teachers, care-givers, grandparents and anyone really with them aim of thrashing out some ideas that will:

    2.   Steer boys to manhood.
    3.   Show how pornography and sex trafficking are linked.
    4.   Help stop human trafficking at the source.

Today we’re looking at Part 2 in this series, Steering Boys to Manhood, but you may want to read Part 1 first.

From an early age, our eldest son has loved listening to stories about how my husband and I met. 
He eagerly tunes in when we reflect about how we "courted", the dates we went on, Dave’s proposal and how his father went about “wooing” his mother
We give him both perspectives; Dave’s recount of the effort he went to before a date and mine from that of a young woman looking to be valued and romanced. 
Bit by bit, over the years, we’ve revealed more stories to him and each time he sits wide-eyed and laps them up and bursting to ask questions. 
I love seeing how my husband is demonstrating to him what it means to be a gentleman and how he teaches both our boys about how to treat others. 
The other day I walked in to overhear Dave describing to our sons in detail how he’d wash and clean out his car before picking me up to go out, how he'd make sure he'd showered and made himself presentable. How he'd always come to the front door to pick me up… and the list went on.  He also told them the why behind his actions. 
And he continually uses words of affirmation towards me, building me up and honoring me in front of our children.
We also have a daughter and what better person for our sons to be able to practice on than her?  
Even from very young ages, both our sons have always noticed when Eliana and I make an effort to get dressed up nicely, have a haircut or wear something new. 
When their sister gets dressed up in a pretty party dress, her tutu or something fancy, they go all out to treat her like their princess. 
Part of this may be inbuilt in the way they’ve been created but I believe a big part of it is also the example that is set to them each day from their father.  My husband’s actions towards both our daughter and I are always tender, loving and protective.
It is often said, "the way a boy treats his mother is the way that he'll treat his wife."
I recounted a story to our boys just the other day about how one of the first things that really stood out to me about their dad on our very first date was the way he so respectfully greeted and treated his sisters.  Soon after I also saw the way he honored his mother and grandmother too and without him knowing it, his actions spoke volumes to me. 
As parents of two young boys, it is our responsibility and desire to teach our sons how to respect the girls and women around them in their lives as well build relationships with pure motives
In our opinion, it’s never too early to start instilling integrity, politeness, consideration, courtesy and gentleness in preparation for their lives ahead.  Manners are both "caught" and "taught" as children observe the way their parents show courtesy and express gratitude to each other.
Our sons are watching.
Let's prepare our boys to be men. Real men.
“Daily examples of respect, kindness, consideration, honor, generosity, empathy, charity, compassion and grace are the most profound gifts you can bestow upon your children” Kay West.


Mrs M said...

what a lovely post. I've been thinking about my boys a lot lately.
setting the example is definitely the best intention.

Cross Family said...

Thanks for commenting Mandy. It's so constant though isn't it? All the little things. Kids really do notice everything we do though so our examples have to continuously be good ones... so challenging, right? Andie.

Amanda said...

I so enjoyed reading this! Great information and very inspiring even to those like myself who do not have children yet, but who look forward to instilling godly wisdom in them when that season arrives. :)

Cross Family said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks Amanda. Andrea:)