Monday, August 9, 2010

Some Things are just Different in Thailand

Yay! We have completed most of the moving process!
A BIG thank you to Wep and Mimi (ZOE staff) for helping us move last week.  We have not cleaned our old house yet, but hopefully we will get that done in the next couple of days...
I love how Thailand is a real ‘can do’ nation.   If we ever ask whether we can or cannot do something, the answer is always ‘dai’ (can). 
We purchased a swing set out of the Chaingmai Classifieds  (like the Trading Post) that comes around each  week and I was a bit concerned about how we were going to move it, but not Wep or Mimi!  
We struggled on all sides as we tilted and turned the playground (that is all welded together and cannot be disassembled) as we attempted to get it into the back of the enclosed truck. But when it did not fit in the back, rather than saying we cannot do it, they boys just said ‘dai.‘  So we hoisted it up vertically and just hung it on the back... 
A couple of ropes to hold it in position and off we went, pruning every low lying branch on every tree we passed that did not have a 3 metre clearance!
Yes, I love Thailand.  I think the recent move of all the bedding and furniture to the new ZOE Children’s Home has given me a new perceptive on how to load a truck -Thai style!
We will report back on our new place in the future.... but so far it has been WONDERFUL!  We have an area outside where the kids can play as well as a deck and we have really been enjoying it.
It does seem like the greatest beneficiary of the move though is the local bugs and mosquitos!  It’s like they have been served up a fresh new menu of Tobi for entree, Eli for main and Spencer for desert!  
Yes, it appears that the local bugs have taken a particular liking to our sweet tasting little ones.  On Saturday, Spencer broke out in a horrible rash after he was bitten by something, but he appears to be fine now.  I have also suspended a net over Tobi and Eli’s beds, however, we can’t decide whether it was to keep the mosquitoes out or Tobi and Eli in ... maybe both!!

Our first meal on the back deck.  
Notice our drinks from a local shop- served in a plastic bag!

On a side note!
I just thought I would post a video of the baby lions we saw at the Night Safari.  We went there a few weeks ago.  Let’s just say that while I enjoyed getting so up close and personal with the animals, I did get extremely nervous having our little kid’s fingers so close to the wire.
Thankfully they had thought about the safety risk and posted a sign ‘Please do not put your finger in!’
Now there’s some good advice!
That’s Thailand for you!  Some things are just different!  

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