Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Snowing? In Thailand?

This photo was taken just seconds before we were about to head in to the Chiangmai Snow Dome. I can tell you we were sweating like crazy with these big jackets on in the heat but within a minute, we literally found ourselves standing in minus 7 degrees... Brrrr!
As a combined celebration of Jess and my birthdays this week (yes, still celebrating!!), we decided to go to the Snow Dome at the Chiangmai Zoo on Saturday. They open up for 20 minute sessions and provide gumboots and jackets. Tobiah and Eliana were intrigued by the ready-made snowman and igloo but poor Spencer looked like he went in to an instant state of shock. We couldn’t really explain to him what was happening and besides being wrapped in a jacket 20 sizes too big, his little gumboots kept falling off and the big hood on his head made it difficult for him to see!
Tobi LOVED the tube ride down the icy slope, ditching parental supervision and going on by himself! Unfortunately, for him, twenty minutes just wasn’t long enough but it did give him a taste for more icy-fun in the future (next time we’ll have to take them to the ‘real’ Australian snow I think).

We didn’t manage to see everything at the zoo on Saturday so we’ll have to make a time to go back again. I especially wanted to see the Australian Animals Restroom!! Huh? Maybe next time.
I asked Dave to take this photo. Eliana was swamped by students wanting to have their photo taken with her. This was after about ten minutes of her posing with various groups- you can tell her smile is getting a little less ‘natural’ by this stage!!

As we were leaving the zoo, a big parade of people started passing us. Check out this group who were all carrying an animal with them. How’s the guy with a creature on his head? WHAT is that?

Anyway, on the home front, we seem to be finding some rhythm again now with the school year in full swing, Dave’s new schedule in place and I am TRYING to keep everyone’s activities flowing smoothly and the house in some kind of order.  

The children have all had their turn at getting a 48 hour, high temperature sickness that was going around, but they all appear to be coming better now.  There are many mosquitoes around at the moment due to the wet season but I just received notice in the mail this morning that they will be spraying our entire moo bahn (estate) tomorrow to get rid of the mosquitoes... I’ll be interested to see if we notice any difference.

I went in to ZOE last Wednesday to attend the three hour staff meeting followed by the childcare training (that Dave ran).  He amazes me as to how he has adapted to his role at ZOE. I was so proud to be sitting in the classroom as he conducted the child care meeting with confidence and sensitivity.  The house parents are a truly amazing bunch of people who I have utmost respect for.  They do an outstanding job and have very big hearts for children.  I am looking forward to being able to get in to ZOE a bit more now and developing relationships with the Thai staff and house parents further.

Well, I am off to sew twenty beanbags now for Tobi’s class teacher.

So this is ...

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