Sunday, May 23, 2010


This is a photo of Jessica and I looking down a newly built well at a Compassion project in a village 4 hours north of Chiang Mai.
I had the pleasure of visiting some very beautiful, traditional Thai villages yesterday.  Jessica and I, along with four of the Thai staff, took the winding, daylong journey up in to the hills with an assignment to accomplish!
In July this year, ZOE Children's Home is hosting several short-term missions teams one after another.  Every year teams are booked to come however, this time; most of the other full-time missionary staff  who usually do the hosting, will be home in America on furlough for 2 months.  There is only a small team remaining and it will be all hands on deck! Yes even Spencer will be expected to pull his weight!!
Yesterday’s trip up to the mountains was to look around for suitable locations for the teams to visit and stay as well as make contact with the relevant people needed to co-ordinate each of these three-day events.  
It was particularly interesting visiting two Compassion projects from the point of view that our family has a Compassion sponsor child who also attends a similar project here in Thailand.  This was not her location, but we would like to visit her some time this year.
What I enjoyed most about the day, besides getting to spend time with the phenomenal ZOE staff, was just experiencing more of the ‘Thai’ way of accomplishing a task.  Despite there being a lot to do in the day, it was just sorelaxed.  At every place we stopped (unannounced) we were welcomed with open arms and warm hospitality.  The Thai’s are not just all smiles but their gentle ways and calm composure make them such a beautiful community of people.  It was a privilege to be included on this trip and to have this experience.  It was definitely one I will never forget.  

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