Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Last week, just before the curfew was issued, our family spent the evening walking around the lake at the Chiang Mai Night Safari- you might remember that I’d taken Eliana there for a date night a couple of weeks ago.  
Well it is an amazing place.  It’s only about 5 minutes from our house and free entry for the kids!!  Dave was impressed by what we saw, but one of the highlights of the night was the hippopotamus enclosure.  When I’d been the first time, the hippos were all under the water but this time they were out and about eating their dinner and cruising around.  I find them to be such an extraordinary creature. 

Hippopotamuses love water, which is why the Greeks named them the "river horse." They spend up to 16 hours a day submerged in rivers and lakes to keep their massive bodies cool. 
That’s one lesson we can learn from them.  Submerge body in water to keep cool! The weather here is still extremely hot so 16 hours under water sounds like a good idea to me!
Did you know that a mature hippo normally will hold their breath for an average of 5 minutes, but when forced, or under threat they can hold their breath for as much as 30 minutes? Researchers believe it could be longer, but they have no proof! Wow!

When we start to feel overwhelmed with life, threatened or pushed beyond our human limitations, wouldn’t it be nice if we could follow the hippopotamuses and just submerge ourselves under water and hide for a while until the threat has passed or until we gain our composure? 
Well, of course we can’t do that but there is something that I find particularly refreshing and achieves the same result.  For those of you who are also Christians, you’ll already know what I am talking about but for other people, who may never have tried this, I highly recommend it!
I’m talking about reading the bible. This may sound strange to some of you but STAY WITH ME!  The bible is FULL of promises.  And these promises include faith, hope and love.  
Just like a bridge helps us to get from one side to the other, so too these promises help transport us from despair to hope.
So instead of submerging yourself underwater for 30 minutes, (I do not recommend this!!!!) go and read some of those promises for yourself.  I’m telling you, they’ll show you a new way to respond to life’s challenges and heartaches.
Be encouraged and strengthened as you discover what God’s promised you.  You can cling to the fact that He keeps his word.   
Hebrews 10:23-24 (If you don’t own a bible, just Google it!)
So, what else has been happening in our world?
  • David has been working on the children’s home schedules, driver’s schedules, staff manual and child protection policy documents for the past couple of weeks. 
  • He has been the trainer at the recent house parent staff training afternoons, and is getting a lot of experience speaking at the staff and childcare meetings.
  • Tobi and Eli are preparing for their end-of-year concert.  We’re eagerly awaiting this special morning next Thursday at the school’s main campus.
  • Spencer and I have been trying to tidy and pack for a very quick visit back to Australia in June.  For an update on where we’ll be speaking see the “Contact” page on this blog.   
  • I was asked to read a couple of stories in Eli’s class this morning which was a delight.  I choose ‘Koala Lou’ and ‘You’re All My Favourites’.  The class sat wide-eyed and it was a lovely to share this moment with them.  They all ran up and said thank you after I’d finished- so cute.
Have a great week :)

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