Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Odd Socks… and a Merry Christmas!

So, the last time I wrote, we were embarking upon the overwhelming task of moving house but I am pleased to report that the move went smoothly and we all settled into our new surroundings quickly.

The first few weeks in our new house were busy. It felt like we'd just moved in but we were hardly home, rushing from one event to the next.  With the end-of-semester sports matches, Christmas events at school, celebrating Eli's birthday, ZOE events and seeing friends.
10-year-old birthday girl selfie!
Suddenly, the realisation that we'd moved from a house with all built in storage to one without soon became noticeable.  The absence of having drawers and enough storage for our clothes became more and more chaotic as the days passed, “I can’t find my PE uniform” “Where’s all the socks?” “I don’t know where anything is!!”
Eventually we were able to get the furniture that we needed and now most things have a home… what a difference that makes!!

The most puzzling thing for me though was that once everything was sorted and put away (from being in piles and thrown across our bed) was that I was left with … 21 odd socks!

C’mon, a few odd socks I would expect, but TWENTY-ONE!!!! That’s just ridiculous. How do twenty-one socks lose their partner?

“Life is too short to waste time matching socks”

As Christmas time drew nearer, we realised how different it would be this year for our family. We had celebrated at the The NEST a week before Christmas and at ZOE on Christmas Eve leaving Christmas Day all to ourselves.  It was the first time in a long while that we had the whole day with just us five six (including Latte) and we were all pretty excited!! 

We created a menu based around our restrictions (no dairy, wheat, refined sugar) and set about getting everything just right. I just love how our children are able to help and be a part of it now.  The day started with GF pancakes and eggnog.
During the week Spencer had created his own pin-board on Pinterest and selected dairy free, sugar free ice-cream recipes to compliment the avocado chocolate fudge brownies that I’d made earlier. Him and I made some Chunky Monkey ice-cream... 

And the older two kids made a delicious entrée of bacon-wrapped enoki mushrooms all by themselves while Dave and I also worked on the roast vegetables, chicken and gravy. We even enjoyed GF fruitcake and custard for afternoon tea… it ended up being quite the feast!

“It felt great… like a new pair of socks”

There were so many highlights throughout the day and just like their father my three children were all heard commenting, “This was the BEST Christmas ever”. I guess you just can’t beat genetics!

During the day we read the Christmas story from our Bibles, wrote birthday cards to Jesus and prayed for the many people for whom Christmas Day is not filled with love, presents, family and togetherness.  We each took words that were opposites to how we felt and prayed for those people for whom the day is difficult, lonely and painful.
We also got to chat with our precious families in Australia via Skype. It was so lovely to hear their voices and see their faces.

“I miss you like the mismatching sock I can’t find”

Our day even included some drama! We were excited to light the final candle of Advent, but during lunch, when we were all chatting happily, one of the pinecones on our advent wreath (in the middle of the table) caught fire. Whoops! My red tablecloth and runner were ruined but thankfully everyone was safe and the fire was easily contained! 
We also watched the story of William Booth (founder of the Salvation Army). It was very thought provoking and a good reminder about why we "fight". 

And of course there was also time during the day for opening presents… and, yes, there was even a few new pairs of socks under the tree!

I’m hoping your Christmas was also joy-filled and memorable.
From our family to yours, odd socks and all… Merry Christmas! 

“Happiness is discovering that all socks came back in pairs when folding the laundry”.

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