Tuesday, October 8, 2013

How September Came... and Went!

Just like that.

I need to know, what happened to September?
It was here and then... it just disappeared!  
Well there's been lots happening and the days just rolled into weeks and the weeks into a month I suppose.
We have a week and a half left of school before a 1 week break.  That week off school is already filling up with Spencer's 5th birthday, a specialized media team at ZOE, Dave away on the youth camp and lots of planning to do before the new school term begins.
I am looking forward to carving out some time though for staying in my pajamas past 7am, swimming, an outing to either the zoo or the Night safari and a few movie-marathons with the kids.

We totally enjoyed our first AFL Grand Final party here a couple of weekends ago.  My friend Laura (fellow Melbournian and her two Aussie friends) boosted the numbers of attendees who actually knew what Aussie Rules football was and the rest of the party consisted of our wonderfully supportive American friends who randomly picked a side, cheered hard and stared on in amazement, commenting {and I quote} "It makes American football look like kiddy sports. Those guys are tough!"
Half time kick of the footy.
Other September memories included:
Celebrating Tobi's 8th birthday.
Saying goodbye to a very special helper that we'd all come to love and rely on at school.

Having our friends the Slimmon family here for a visit.

 ... and the ZOE staff sports day.

For more updates on all things ZOE related, please check out the official ZOE blog.  You can see photos of the new boys' home, read about the purchase of some more land, meet our new missionary family (The Robbins) as well as finding out how one young man reflects on his time growing up at ZOE (and more). 

Thank you for your continued support, love and prayers for our family and ZOE. 

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