Friday, January 21, 2011


Have you read that coffee table book called, ‘The Blue Day Book’?  It’s all about having a lesson in cheering yourself up.  I needed that book this week.  I have not only been unwell for nearly two weeks but I also fare-welled my wonderful parents, after their holiday here, just yesterday.  

These experiences have left me feeling... well ... BLUE!!!

The Blue Day book contains some beautiful photography of animals and by the time you get through reading it, you really do start feeling a lot less grumpy and a whole lot more optimistic.

I was reminded of this book recently when I started viewing some of my own photographs taken here in Chiangmai  So I thought I’d create my own version of the Blue Day book right here online for you.  I’m hoping by the time I finish this post, it will have cured me of my ‘blues’ so that I can report more on what’s really been happing over here lately (...which is a lot!!!)

 Have you ever had a blue day?
 A blue day is a day when nothing goes right 
and you feel kind of lousy?
 You might feel like hiding,
 or just being left all alone.
 A blue day can leave you stuffing your face with food,
 or just not hungry at all.
 Maybe you're feeling too small,
too awkward, 
 too old,
or not enough fun to be around. 
 Maybe you feel like you just want to shout,
 close your eyes,
or jump off something.
 Maybe you feel like you’re 
just another face in the crowd.
Or like you’re hanging on by a thread.

Or that the colour seems to have faded.
 How ever you're feeling... hang in there! 
Let down your guard.
 And open up to a good friend.
 You might even end up laughing at yourself,
 smiling again.
 and changing your blue day in to a NEW day.

I know I sure feel a lot better now!!  

Okay to end with, here’s a funny sign I saw the other day.

Really?  I didn’t know that!! Ha ha.

Until next time - keep smiling,

Andie :)

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