Thursday, September 3, 2009

Update: September '09

Hello!  We look forward to catching up with you individually, but this email briefly sums up where we are up to.  

Praise Points:  
Cheap airfares!
We are booked to leave on January 14th 2010.  Unbelievably we got $99 tickets to Kuala Lumpur!  All up we will get the 5 of us to Chiang Mai for around $1000!! YAY!

Renting our house-
At the end of this term, a beautiful Christian couple (whom we've known since youth group days) will begin renting our house with their four children.  Praise God we didn't even have to go through an agent or advertise.  This was a complete blessing.  We "officially" move ourselves out this weekend and then the cleaning begins!!

Our first visitors "booked"-
For my birthday in August, my parents called me to say that they'd booked tickets to come and stay with us in March next year!  This is really exciting.

Packing up-
I admit, I have found it difficult trying to pack up the house on top of the normal busyness of life.  
It's also been overwhelming at times realising how much there is to get done before January but God is so faithful. 
He continues to go before us and make the way so I know it will all be okay.
Our 2 beautiful mothers have been so helpful as always.  My mum has been working day and night to help me pack the house up in a very short amount of time and Dave's mum, cooking us meals and minding Tobi and Eli so that there were some quieter moments to get jobs done.  I would not have been able to function without their advice, direction, assistance and thoughtfulness.

David's parents are not only housing us for 4 months until we leave, but are also able to store our remaining furniture and belongings for as long as we need.  We are so grateful for their flexibility and their provision in this area.

A GP has offered to assist our family both with consultation and cost. in preparation (health-wise) for the move,   This is a huge load off our minds.

  1. It seems that every week we are meeting new people who share our passion to raise awareness and stop human trafficking.   We have received money to help support us going to Thailand.  
  2. We've also had offers to keep our family in their prayers (we really need this).
  3. Our couch sold (without having to advertise).
  4. We were introduced to a young lady Rachael, from Sydney, who feels called to raise money for ZOE and could turn out to be a great 'Australian' administrative support person.

Our friends-
I hope this update finds you all well.  I want to thank you for your prayers and support.  Your words of encouragement help to keep us 'going'.  We serve a wonderful God.  Without His strength, we would not be doing this and He often uses you, our family and friends, to prop us up during the tougher days.  
We look forward to the future with so much excitement as we feel like we've found our "groove" but also with sadness at the thought of not being surrounded by our support network in the way we've had in the past.

  1. A buyer for our fridge would be good.
  2. A buyer/ new home for Jake our turtle and his tank.
  3. A successful garage sale on Saturday.
  4. That the children will feel settled and not anxious in the coming weeks/ months.
  5. Continued energy to keep up the pace of packing/moving.
  6. A reasonable price to ship our belongings.

Thanks! We love you guys!

From Andrea (and the Cross Family) 

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