Thursday, May 11, 2017

Change Your World!

In our current house, we have this kind of semi outdoor-indoor kitchen. It’s off to the side of the main part of the house. I’m repulsed to say it but, when we moved in, there was more than one sighting of a rat! The kitchen contained an open drain with holes each end, which made it easy for the rascally-little-rodent to come in and out with his friends as he pleased.

Needless to say, I couldn’t handle that arrangement for too long. I felt like I was always looking over my shoulder as I washed the dishes and the slightest sound of scurrying little feet made me shudder.

That’s when we came up with the idea of fixing the pipes, covering the holes and then filling the open drain with rocks and placing plants in the rocks and hanging them up along the wall. Suddenly the open-drain-scary-area turned into my little kitchen oasis!

Sadly, several months ago, when the weather suddenly started to get hotter and hotter, some of my little plants struggled in the scorching heat and their leaves started to wither, which made me determined that none should perish and I would just have to increase my watering routine.

So firstly, each time as I’m waiting for the kettle to boil, cooking dinner or hovering around the toaster impatiently, I get my little water sprayer and squirt the plants, which usually happens several times a day.

Then once a day, I get a jug of water and give the plants a bigger drink to really soak through their soil.

Thirdly, every once in a while, when the weather looks a bit stormy or not too hot, I hang the plants outside to enjoy the sunshine or get an extra dose of water (if it’s raining).

As I was going through this routine the other day it reminded me a lot about what I have been studying lately about ‘growing down’ (but that’s for another blog post). But this whole idea of watering… left me reflecting on how my daily devotions is kind of like that once a day watering that I give my plants.

The mist from the spray bottle is like the moments throughout the day when I get a top-up; worship music in the car, an encouraging email, a prayer answered etc.

And then there’s those times when I’ve had the opportunity to get away on a women’s retreat or go to a women’s prayer night, a church camp or a season of more intense and deliberate prayer, which reminds me of when I move my pot plants outside for an extra dose of rain, a soaking… or some sunshine.

We all need the misty-moments and our daily soaking and yet it’s also so important to make the time to get drenched or immerse ourselves in more than just our normal-daily-dose.

For me, having time away from the daily routine, where I free myself from distractions and ‘work’ is when I notice and appreciate how vital these times are for my own personal growth.

As we go about our week Lord give us fresh ears to hear and fresh eyes to see Your heart for justice. Let us be the ones to change this world.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do!!



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