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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Update on the "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" Post

Okay, please don't tease me about this low-budget video that I just made LOL.
I got Dave to critique it so I realise that (a) I am sitting way too close to the screen and (b) I am speaking in a whispering-kind-of voice... in my defence, I was trying to huddle in to the computer and speak quietly because I had just put the kids to bed!
Anyway, as the message says, thanks everyone for your support this week in relation to Eliana.  
Even from afar, I felt the love!


Julie Freeman-Smith said...

Andie - that was beautiful! You are an amazing woman and so in eliana! She has your strength and your intelligence and will bounce back stronger than ever. Love Julie

Cross Family said...

Thanks Julie, you're so sweet. I really miss mother's group when faced with things like this... would've loved to just sit around and chat about it all with you x